Why is trust important? It’s essential to unlocking high performance. When I trust my colleagues — my team, my manager. I feel safe, happier and I’m in the right mind space to dedicate 100% of my energy & ability to my work and perform at my best.

In this post I want to share 3 small ways to build trust. Techniques I’ve observed and tried out myself to be effective. At the heart of all these techniques is one key.

One big key to building trust is vulnerability.

1. The courage to be vulnerable and accept responsibility when things go wrong

A project went wrong — you’re now all in one meeting room…

What’s the formula to this doing well in this challenging, ambiguous and emergent role?

In this post, I want to share the top advice & learnings that helped immensely at the start of my product career. The path to becoming a good PM is so much more than doing a course or reading books on product management — there’s a big human element with managing your emotions, relationships and to simply never stop learning. There’s so much to learn and so much I need to continue to learn.

1. It’s raining plates and you can’t save every single one.

It’s raining plates and every time one hits the floor it breaks…

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Think about all the effort and work and time you put into your email campaigns — and all that those campaigns make possible. They drive purchases, upgrades, larger order values, and nudge repeat customers to engage more frequently. When you’re able to clearly measure and calculate the increase in customers and revenue that your marketing comms have brought in, it can be transformative. You have increased strategic clarity, many blockers disappear, and your decisions can be better substantiated. But too often marketers don’t do enough to prioritize measurement.

I get it. It can be difficult for marketers to put a…

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Giving feedback is challenging, and giving effective feedback even more so.

My goal is to be able to provide feedback that:

  • is effective, and will bring change;
  • won’t bring out feelings of defensiveness;
  • show that I’m supportive; and
  • help build good relationships.

I’ve been struggling with providing non-positive feedback, so I asked Irene Lee a close friend and colleague of mine for some help and she gave me several really good pointers, three of which really resonated with me.

1. Provide good feedback most of the time.

We often notice what someone’s doing poorly, but how often do we notice what someone’s doing well? And on top of…

Today its Blackbird’s big event, the annual Investor Day and it’s at one of the coolest offices around town. The event is held at Canva’s office (a portfolio company) and the place has it’s own kitchen, chefs and event venue.

There were presentations about Blackbird’s master plan, founders from companies Blackbird has invested in and the Blackbird community.

Some of the most wisest and successful people were in the room and they were extremely down to earth. Here are some things I learnt during the night.

What it means to not give up

500+ meetings/pitches, that was what it took for Blackbird to get their 1st fund…

This week I’m at Blackbird Ventures, a fund committed to strengthening the Australian startup ecosystem. Here’s some of the things I’ve picked up during this amazing experience.

How to push the success factor of a startup up?

Founders helping founders.

During a meeting, the concept of founders of startups helping out other founders popped up, an idea employed at StartMate. It’s not just getting the founders of successful startups to give advice to those just at the first steps of their startup road. It’s about founders who are just starting on a process or struggling through one getting real stories and advice from founders who have only just past that very process. For…

collected from http://www.vogue.com.au/vogue+codes/news/click+here+to+buy+vogue+codes+tickets,43384

Today, I attended the #voguecodes event with my fellow VC intern, Vyoma. The tickets were courtesy of Samantha Wong (thanks Sam you’re the best!).

We (the 3 VC interns from fundedbygirls) and Samantha Wong (Partner at Startmate) jumped on an early morning flight to Melbourne for a visit to the Startmate Accelerator.

I was ready for another blast of learning and gee did I learn a lot.

First lesson of the day — Make your own opportunities

Today I met Vyoma one of the VC interns. She was interested in Venture Capital and wanted to find a way to intern.

She reached out to contact a person she thought could help, who unexpectedly referred her onto Samantha. …

This week I’m at Reinventure, a VC company that seeks to reinvent financial services, with Westpac as major investor.

What does Reinventure look for?

As one of the partners at Reinventure described, it’s almost like a marriage. You’ll need to work together and trust each other over a very long period of time. Integrity is a very important value to prevent the VC-startup relationship from souring.

Mindful of cash/revenue generation
A startup can be passionate about providing solutions to a problem meaningful to them, and that’s great, but they also need to show that they have a mind for generating cash, because it’s an investment…

Main Sequence made a trip to Macquarie University’s Australian Hearing Hub Building, this morning.

We were looking at the startup, Modular Photonics.

They had created a convenient ‘plug and play’ chip to improve the capacity and transmission reach of multimode optical fibres.

Michelle Huang

Growth & Marketing @Canva with a passion for all things data

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