• Mason Yates

    Mason Yates

    Portfolio Analyst @BlackbirdVentures & Mentor @Startmate

  • Reb E-Noël

    Reb E-Noël

  • Alexandre Guillot

    Alexandre Guillot

    👨‍💻 VC at Spring Invest

  • Vincent Wei

    Vincent Wei

  • Jess Ruyter

    Jess Ruyter

    Product Designer @Atlassian. eSports enthusiast. Average photographer. Wannabe traveller.

  • Rohan Swami

    Rohan Swami

    Product Manager @ Atlassian

  • Humphrey


    I am a passionate Product Innovation Coach using Lean methodologies to test new business models, find early adopters and build MVP’s. www.applylean.com.au

  • Samantha Wong

    Samantha Wong

    Partner @blackbirdvc | Ex-founder @startmate | Ex-lawyer | Dog-whisperer

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